4 Ways You and Your Friends Can Enjoy Great Outdoors in Phoenix

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Phoenix, Arizona is an outdoor-lover’s dream.

The city — the most populous capital in the United States — sits near the near the confluence of the Salt and Gila Rivers in the northeastern-most reaches of the Sonoran desert. Its position in such a beautiful, pristine region means that outdoor excursions are within reach for locals and visitors alike.

Here are four ways you and your group can get out into the great outdoors in Phoenix.

Camelback Mountain

You’ll find one of the best views in the Phoenix area atop Camelback Mountain, which is part of the larger Phoenix Mountains Preserve. You can reach the summit by scaling one of two trails: Echo Canyon and Cholla. Both trails are fairly challenging, but the panoramic view — 1,200 feet up — is well worth it. Just don’t forget to take pictures!

Papago Park

Papago Park is located just minutes away from downtown Phoenix. Within the park, you’ll find stunning red-rock buttes, scenic hiking trails and some truly breathtaking views — particularly from the top of the popular Hole-in-the-Rock Trail.

Better still, the park is home to two of the region’s most popular attractions: the Desert Botanical Garden and the Phoenix Zoo.

South Mountain Park and Preserve

With 50 miles of trails interspersing of 16,000 acres of the sun-soaked Sonoran Desert, this municipal park is popular choice among outdoor-lovers in Phoenix.

In addition to the magnificent views and stunning local flora you’ll encounter, the park is also the home of some ancient petroglyphs, which are believed to have been carved by the Hohokam people as far back as 1450 A.D.

Estrella Mountain Regional Park

Estrella Mountain Regional Park is located just shy of 25 miles southwest of downtown Phoenix — but it’s well worth the drive.

Within this beautiful park, you’ll find some of the most pristine wilderness in the area. You can take it all in on one of several hiking trails, or from one of the park’s many beautiful picnic sites.

The park also has camping options for those looking to spend the night!

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