5 Awesome Activities for Groups Visiting Chicago

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If you’re plotting a group trip to Chicago, we’ve got good news: you and your compatriots will never run out of fun things to do.

“The Windy City” is packed with awesome options for groups of travelers, no matter the purpose of your visit, your interests, or your budget.

But where, on the city’s long list of attractions, should you start? Here are a few group activities we recommend.

Indoor Skydiving at iFLY Chicago

Have you ever wanted to try skydiving — without that terrifying jumping out of a plane part? Well, in Chicago, you can.

Head over to iFLY Chicago
for an indoor skydiving experience that you and your compatriots will never forget.

They have budget-friendly rates for groups of all sizes, and they can also provide a variety of food and beverage catering options. It’s an awesome choice for a birthday party, a team-building activity, or a simple afternoon of fun.

Up-Close Illusions at The Magic Penthouse

You may have attended a magic show before, but it’s unlikely you’ve experienced one like those offered by Chicago’s Magic Penthouse.

This popular Chicago venue employs a number of talented professional magicians who routinely wow attendees with up-close-and-personal illusions. They won’t make anybody disappear. They won’t cut anybody in half. All they need to leave your jaw on the floor is a deck of cards and a few basic props.

Throw in The Magic Penthouse’s premium open bar and delicious hors d’oeuvres, and it’s easy to understand why this it’s so popular.

Ping-Pong Tournaments at AceBounce

Maybe you’ve got a competitive streak. Maybe you’re eager to hand one of your fellow travelers a humiliating defeat for stealing your armrest on the flight into Chicago. Whatever the case, a ping-pong tournament at AceBounce will cure what ails you.

AceBounce will get you set and your compatriots set up with a table and paddles. They’ll also keep you fueled up with some amazing food, and adequately hydrated with some gourmet cocktails. Better still, they can offer all of the above in a private party room complete with a DJ and bar.

Hit the Beach

Chicago might be a long way from the ocean, but it’s position on the shores of the mighty lake Michigan mean that its home to dozens of amazing beaches.

Whether you’re looking to play some beach volleyball, go for a swim, or simply soak up some rays, you have no shortage of fantastic options—and many of them are easily accessible from downtown.

A New Sports Experience at Whirlyball

What is Whirlyball? You’re not the first person to ask, and you certainly won’t be the last.

According to the game’s creators, it combines elements of “lacrosse, hockey, basketball, and bumper cars” and also features “a touch of chance.” Interested? It gets better.

This awesome Chicago establishment is also home to a laser tag arena with multiple levels, a bowling alley, a roster of classic arcade games, some amazing food and drinks, and lots more.

Needless to say, fun is pretty much guaranteed for you and your fellow travelers.

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