5 Great Ways to Get Out on the Water in Miami

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Miami is famous for its beautiful beaches. Spend any amount of time on those beaches, and you’ll catch sight of plenty of people out on the water. From there, it’s only a matter of time before you start envying them.

The good news is that, in Miami, there are dozens of great ways to get out on the water and escape the hustle and bustle of the city—whether you’re looking for something exciting or something more laid-back.

Here are a few activities we recommend when you find yourself longing to get out on the waves.



Miami, Florida, Travel, Outdoors, Water sports, Kayak

Kayaking is fun pretty much everywhere. It’s particularly fun off the coast Miami, where the water is warm and clear and teeming with marine life.

Visitors to Miami have a number of great options in terms of kayak rentals, most of which can be found conveniently close the water’s edge. Just don’t lose your paddle!

Paddle boarding

Miami, Florida, Travel, Outdoors, Water sports

Paddle boarding is another great choice for visitors hoping to get out onto the water—particularly those looking for something on the more relaxed end of the spectrum.

You’ll have no difficulty finding boards for rent, and many rental companies also offer lessons for those without experience. Trust us, it’s a lot easier than it looks!

Jet Skiing

Miami, Florida, Travel, Outdoors, Water sports

If you’re looking for something a little more lively than kayaking or paddle boarding, consider jet skiing. The Miami area is jam-packed with jet ski rentals, which means an afternoon spent racing across the waves is easy to make happen.

Fair warning: a boating license is required to operate a jet ski, but those licenses are both cheap and easy to attain. In fact, many jet ski rental business also offer lessons that can be completed beforehand.


If riding a jet ski still doesn’t satisfy your inner daredevil, you might want to looking into flyboarding.

Flyboarding is equal parts surfing and using a water-powered jetpack. If that sounds like something you want to try, you can do so through Miami Watersports, and several other tour operators in the area.

It’s the kind of experience you won’t forget—and the kind you won’t be able to resist revisiting.


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Snorkeling is an easy and affordable way to explore the gorgeous Florida Straights reef, which stretches from Miami, down to the Florida Keys, and out to the Dry Tortugas. You can rent all the equipment required for a day of snorkeling at any number of Miami vendors. South Beach Divers, one of the most popular choices, will set you up with a snorkel, mask and flippers for just $12 a day.

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