How To Find 8 Of The Best Hidden Spots In Vancouver


Looking to get away from the mainstream and explore the unknown of Vancouver, Canada? From stores to restaurants and attractions, this list of eight hidden spots of the city will cater to just that. 

  1. Macleod’s Books

For book lovers and antiquity enthusiasts,  stop by Macleod’s Books. The store is located on the corner of W Pender and Richards St., near the center of Vancouver. The rustic aesthetic of the building’s exterior portrays a perfect story for what you can expect to see inside. Housing exclusively rare, used, collector’s books, Macleod’s Books is the place to be for one-of-a-kind finds.

  1. The Modern Bartender

The Modern Bartender is a boutique store in the city’s historic Chinatown, committed to the art of bartending. They have everything from bitters, to syrups and mixes, to glassware. With their wide selection of products, they can help you to build your home bar or add to an existing collection. 

3. The Shameful Tiki Room

When it comes to a unique dining experience, there’s no one quite like The Shameful Tiki Room to deliver such a promise. They pay homage to the classic American tiki bars, as well as the cultures that paved the way and inspired that first movement. The dimly lit room and the lack of visible windows to the outside are what set them apart. Head to Main St., Vancouver for this true one-of-a-kind restaurant.

4. La Casa Gelato

La Casa Gelato on Venables St., Vancouver makes the finest gelato, sorbetto, and frozen yogurt and has served the Lower Mainland for 34 years! This shop is ideal for ice cream enthusiasts and adventurous eaters. They are the only shop in the world to have 238 flavors readily available, carrying all of your favorite flavors and more unconventional ones. With hundreds of choices, there are even non-fat, non-dairy, low-fat, and sugar-free options.

5. Waterfall Building

A portion of the condominium complex on W 2nd Ave, Vancouver is a great place to be in for some peaceful moments. Designed by world-renowned Canadian architect Arthur Erickson, the Waterfall Building is a beautiful structure you don’t want to miss. There is a courtyard and waterfall fountain, perfect for those looking to have calm and serene breaks in their day. 

6. Beaver Lake

Stanley Park and its Seawall is one of the most popular parks in Vancouver. But did you know there is a hidden, more peaceful area in the middle of the park? Beaver Lake is an 8-minute walk from the Stanley Park bus loop and parking spots. With a pleasant trail that circles the lake, you get a fantastic view enclosed in beautiful forestry.

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7. Greenheart TreeWalk

Near Vancouver’s coast and in the heart of the UBC Botanical Garden is the Greenheart TreeWalk. Embrace your inner child and awaken your sense of adventure as you go through the walkways suspended above the forest floor. Surrounded by Douglas firs, cedars, and more, this attraction is a magnificent way to feel one with nature. You can book your tickets to experience the Greenheart TreeWalk self-guided, or for a guided tour with one of their naturalists!

8. Nitobe Memorial Garden

The UBC Botanical Garden is also the location of the Nitobe Memorial Garden. Created to honor Dr. Inazō Nitobe and his goal of creating a “bridge across the Pacific”, you can stroll through this beautiful garden. It is considered to be one of the most authentic Japanese gardens outside of Japan. Both Vancouver locals and visitors from around the world can gather, explore, and become immersed in Japanese culture. For more information or to book a visit, click here.

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