American Airlines Is Bringing Drink Service Back to Domestic Flights

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Cruising altitude will once again be boozing altitude for those flying with American Airlines.

The airline plans to reintroduce full drink service—including adult beverages—starting May 1.

Like many airlines, American had to reduce its in-flight drink service due to the pandemic. At present, the airline offers drink service on domestic flights of 2,200 miles or longer, which includes alcohol for those traveling first class. Drinks are also available on shorter flights, but only by request.

As of May 1, the airline will ramp back up pre-pandemic drink service.


“American’s reintroduction of beverage service is a careful and informed process to ensure everyone onboard feels safe and comfortable,” said Brady Byrnes, vice president of flight service (via Travel Weekly). “When customers fly with American, they are trusting us with their safety. We worked closely with the union that represents our flight attendants, the Association of Professional Flight Attendants, and medical experts on this process.”

American Airlines is not the first airline to reintroduce in-flight beverage service, as Southwest and Delta have also both done so recently. Nonetheless, travelers are definitely going to be glad about this step toward pre-pandemic normalcy. Cheers!

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