Dominican Republic Vaccinating Tourism Workers to Encourage Travel

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The Dominican Republic wants you back!

In an effort to encourage travelers to return to its sun-soaked shores, the Caribbean island nation is making a massive push to vaccinate its tourism workforce.

This vaccination campaign, which will be undertaken by a public-private partnership, was announced by AMResorts regional commercial director Luis Nunez on Wednesday. According to Nunez, all AMResorts employees could have the first of the two-dose, Chinese-made Sinovac vaccine within a week.

“This is a huge selling point,” Nunez told advisors, emphasizing that travelers will soon be able to visit the Dominican Republic without worrying about contracting COVID-19 during their stay. “[They] can come here in confidence.”

The Dominican Republic is not the first country to prioritize the vaccination of tourism workers—in fact, it’s not even the first in the Caribbean.

Earlier this month, Jamaica unveiled plans to vaccinate a whopping 30,000 workers in its tourism sector—also in a bid to encourage travelers to return.

“It’s important to protect [tourism workers] and to get the market to appreciate that they are protected, but they will also be protecting those who come,” Christopher Tufton, Jamaica’s health and wellness minister, said at the time (via

Will you be more inclined to visit a country if its tourism workforce is full vaccinated?

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