Taiwan’s “Modern Toilet” Might Be the World’s Strangest Restaurant

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When you visit Taiwan, there a number of delicious local dishes you’re going to want to sample. Beef noodle soup is a must—particularly on cooler, rainier days. Xiao Long Bao soup dumplings are also worth seeking out. Baobing, an amazing shaved-ice dessert, is also a must-try, especially if you have a sweet tooth. Eat everything—you won’t regret it.

Once you’ve finally made it through the country’s surprisingly long list of local delicacies, head over to one of the three Modern Toilet locations in Taipei, and eat s**t.

No, wait — don’t go! We’re not trying to insult you. Allow us to explain:


Modern Toilet is a ridiculous, bathroom-themed Taiwanese restaurant chain.

Walk through the restaurant’s front doors, pick a table, and sit down on a toilet-inspired chair. Order yourself a drink, which will promptly arrive at your table in a handheld urinal. Open the menu, pick from any number of delicious meal options, and before long, you’ll be eating it from a toilet-shaped bowl—just don’t forget your toilet paper napkin. And once you’re done your meal, order some dessert. We recommend the chocolate ice cream—we’ll let your imagination do the rest.

“[The restaurant] was inspired by a comic,” Modern Toilet manager Gary Wei told VIVA. “The characters threw s**t at each other.

“It started as a fun idea, but it’s a lot of work.”

Taipei, Taiwan, Modern Toilet, Restaurant

Modern Toilet definitely isn’t for everyone. This isn’t the kind of place you want to go if you’re after a gourmet meal in a ritzy environment. But if you’ve got a sense of humor—and you’re looking for some seriously Instagramable grub—it’s worth checking out.

Best of all, this restaurant is quite affordable. Readily available bathroom jokes aside, you can get a pretty substantial meal—and dessert—for about $20USD. It’s a great option for a quick lunch before you head out to check out other nearby attractions like Longshan Temple, Taipei 101, Elephant Mountain and Shi Lin Night Market.

Modern Toilet, Taipei, Taiwan, Food & Drink, Travel

Taiwan has coped with the coronavirus pandemic remarkably well. While the country is currently closed to most visitors, it should open again soon—meaning that you could be eating at Modern Toilet in the near future.

“We hope that people remember us [when tourists return],” Wei said.

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