Hersheypark is Debuting Two New Jolly Rancher-themed Rides This Summer


Hersheypark is a special place. Where else can you spend a day soaring, plunging and loop-de-looping your way through more than a dozen roller coasters, then soothe your frayed nerves with an endless supply of candy? But the Pennsylvania park is about to get even crazier this summer, with the opening of two totally unique, Jolly Rancher-themed rides.

Jolly Rancher Remix is a boomering coaster–it sends you forward and backward on the same track. It’s also a multi-sensory experience, so you’ll lose yourself in music, lights, and even scents as you shoot through a “flavor tunnel”, inverting six times in 90 seconds. The best part? For each ride, the coaster randomly selects one of five experiences (think “Watermelon” and “Green Apple”). Each features different music, lights and scents, so you can ride all day and never know what’s coming.

Right nearby, you’ll find Mix’d Flavored By Jolly Rancher. This family ride is described as a “visual riddle”: you sit in one of four arms and spin 360 degrees while dodging other riders and taking in incredible views of the park.

When Milton Hershey founded Hersheypark in 1906, it was a peaceful retreat for his chocolate factory workers to unwind during breaks. Today, it boasts the fourth largest collection of roller coasters in the USA, in addition to a Create Your Own Candybar experience, a water park, and a 4D movie.

Hersheypark opened for its 2022 season on 28 March, but the Jolly Rancher rides are planned to debut this summer.

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