How To Find 8 Of The Best Hidden Spots In Miami

Away from the tourist attractions, Miami's hidden gems reveal the true city.


Fashionable Miami is known for good food and even better beaches, but in-between all the tourist hot spots are hidden gems that add to the depth of the vibrant city. After booking your trip the Magic City, check out these places you won’t want to miss.

1. Wynwood

Funky murals and craft breweries line the streets in Wynwood. North of Downtown Miami and west of Miami Beach, the old warehouses have transformed for the hippest area in Miami. Locals head to the area for the co-working spaces or to pick up a piece of art from one of the over 70 galleries.

2. Little Havana 

The Cuban heart of Miami. Head to Maximo Gomez Park (commonly referred to as Domino Park) for a taste of local life as many elders gather to play chess and other board games. Salsa music floats through the air in Little Havana and the smell of cigars wafts from each corner. In 2017, the National Trust for Historic Preservation named the area a National Treasure to safeguard the area for developers.

3. Manatees 

Florida’s state marine mammal is more commonly found around an hour and a half from Miami in Riviera Beach or just over two hours away in Fort Myers but that doesn’t mean the gentle giant doesn’t swim down to Miami. If you are in the city during the winter months, manatees like to swim the city’s canals. A popular spot to see them is the  Black Point Park & Marina near Biscayne National Park to Biscayne Bay.

4. Giralda Plaza

The 100 block of Giralda Ave has been transformed into a pedestrian walkway with rotating works of art and restaurants spilling over into the streets. The area has become a popular Instagram go-to spot for the umbrella art installation covering the street.

5. Neptune Memorial Reef

Feel like you have been transported to Atlantis at the world’s largest man-made reef. The artistic representation of the Lost City was built to promote coral growth and offer a “Green Burial” opportunity. The burial option is a cremated memorial with family members becoming scuba certified to visit their loved ones or pets. For those not scuba certified, they can also snorkel the site. Visitors to the reef are welcome but asked to respect those visiting the memorials.

6. World Erotic Art Museum

NSFW or a family activity but the World Erotic Art Museum explores human sexuality through art. The collections from around the world cover everything from German physician Magnus Hirschfeld to Disney characters that will leave you never seeing them the same way.

7. Wat Buddharangsi Buddhist Temple

Escape Miami’s hustle and bustle at the tranquil Buddhist temple set among mango and avocado groves. The 23-foot-tall, 5-ton gold-leaf image of Buddha that was sent from Bangkok to Miami is the feature. Located 30 minutes outside of Miami, the temple holds many events and celebrations the public are welcome to attend. Do remember that this is a place of worship and dressing conservatively is expected.

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8. Little Haiti Cultural Center

The cultural center is the key to Downtown Little Haiti and offers numerous of programs to celebrate Afro-Caribbean culture. Check out their events directory to see what is coming up with everything from painting, culinary experiences, and art exhibitions.

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