LEGOLAND California Is Off To The Races With Ferrari Attraction


LEGOLAND California just got a speedy new attraction.

The Southern California amusement park announced that the LEGO Ferrari Build and Race is now here.

After sharing the newest highlight would be coming last year, LEGOLAND celebrated the big event with a life-size Ferrari F40 model. The 14-foot-long, 3000-pound car took over 3800 hours to build.

The new attraction allows users to build their own LEGO Ferrari, then race it on a variety of tracks and through many obstacles. On top of the physical racing, the cars can be uploaded digitally to race virtually in an attempt to capture the best track time.

“Kicking off what is anticipated to be one of the biggest vacation seasons to date, LEGOLAND California is thrilled to bring this first-of-its-kind attraction to Carlsbad, California,” LEGOLAND California President Kurt Stocks said in a statement.

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“On the heels of Miami’s Grand Prix, we know what a thrill the Formula 1 races can be, and we’re excited to give our guests a taste of that experience here at the Park.”

An added bonus is guests get to check out the life-size Ferrari by sitting in it, having their picture taken and dream of one day securing the real deal.

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