New Legoland Theme Park Opens in New York

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Legoland New York has opened its doors to Lego-lovers from all all over the world. It’s the first new theme park to open in the United States Northeast in roughly 40 years.

The park, which is situated in Goshen, New York, about 60 miles from Manhattan, officially opened on Friday, and was immediately hailed as a welcome sign for the state and for its tourism industry, both of which were hard-hit by the coronavirus pandemic.

“The pandemic took a devastating toll on New York, and as we make our comeback, the new Legoland New York Resort in Orange County is a testament to the resilience and ingenuity that this state has always been known for,” Gov. Andrew Cuomo said Friday (via CNN)

“This is historic,” Cuomo added. “This is the first new theme park in the Northeast United States in 40 years.”

Legoland New York features 50 rides across seven “lands” spread over 520 acres. Some of the most hyped rides in the park include the high-flying Dragon roller coaster and the Factory Adventure ride, which “transforms guests into Minifigures and gives them a whimsical ‘brick’s eye view,'” according to CNN.

The theme park also features a 250-room Legoland Hotel, which features pirate and ninja-themed rooms, to name a few. The hotel doesn’t open until August 6, but it’s already taking bookings.

To attend Legoland New York, visitors must make a reservation online. The park has implemented a cashless system for tickets, games, food and other attractions.

New York State recently removed most pandemic-related restrictions, including travel restrictions, which means this park is accessible to New Yorkers as well as visitors from out of state.

Here’s the most recent statement the State has provided with respect to travel:

“Quarantine periods for domestic and international travelers entering the state are no longer required (though it remains recommended for those not fully vaccinated). Travelers from out of state — except for those coming from New York’s contiguous states, which are New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Massachusetts and Vermont — must fill out a traveler health form, as do travelers coming from another country.”

Governor Cuomo is encouraging “everyone in the nation” to visit the new Legoland New York theme park.

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