No More $27 Beers: New York’s Airport Food Is Now Much Cheaper

The Office of Inspector General proves no one should get between a person and their airport food


Travelers to and from New York City: prepare to pay a reasonable amount to fill your stomach. 

After a thorough examination of social media complaints about exorbitantly priced food and alcohol at LaGuardia Airport, the Office of Inspector General has updated airport concession pricing rules. 

Prices can now no longer surpass 10 percent more than what the food or drink is priced for locally. If you know New York, that may still sound expensive to you, but at least it’s not the $27 beers that LaGuardia Airport’s Biergarten was offering last summer. 

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The outrageously priced beers were accompanied by a COVID-19 Recovery Fee of 10 percent of the total order. The report by the Office of Inspector General suggests that the charge was added in error, and was noticed when the social media posts regarding prices began.

The Office of Inspector General’s report also maintains that the price before the extra fee was inflated. The new pricing will be dependent on preparation, portion size, brand, quality and comparison to similar products. The airports will also be required to sell lower-priced food and beverages. Additionally, the Port Authority will be requiring a full inventory of products from each vendor within the airport. 

These changes will be actively implemented, with Port Authority Chairman Kevin O’Toole stating that “all airport customers and concessionaires should expect tough pro-active enforcement going forward now that these revised standards are in place.”

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