Phoenix Restaurant Serves Sushi With a Twist

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Across The Pond, a popular sushi restaurant in Phoenix, Arizona, is serving up a sushi experience like no other in the area.

On Saturday and Sunday evenings, the restaurant adopts a menu-style called omakase—a Japanese term that translates loosely to “chef’s choice.”


Over the course of two hours and 12 courses, guests are served a range of sushi dishes, prepared by the head chef, right in front of their eyes.

No menus are opened, no orders are placed—it’s all up to the chef.

“I saw some omakases over in LA, San Diego—I got to know some chef’s there—and I figured Phoenix, Arizona would be a great place to start the first one [in the area],” Across The Pond head chef Asa Scott told local news station FOX10. “The guests always leave here extremely happy.

“Whenever a guest says ‘wow that is the best thing I’ve ever had,’ I try to one-up that. It makes me, as a chef, feel good to give the guests that dining experience, and everybody here on the team is a part of making sure they leave happy.”

The omakase journey at Across The Pond varies from night to night, depending on what the chef has in mind. Generally speaking, however, guests can expect multiple types of fish, sauces, and preparations.

“It’s like a tasting menu,” Nick Campisano, one of the owners of Across The Pond, told FOX 10. “For us, it’s 12 courses, so you’re going to go down this awesome journey of different fish, different ways to eat the fish, how sushi rice is incorporated into that, different sauces, different marinades, different garnishes, that are going to take you down this journey of awesomeness.”

While Across The Pond’s omakase nights are generating a lots of buzz locally, the restaurant still serves sushi the way most people are used to—with a menu—on weeknights.

Whatever the case, you won’t leave hungry.

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