Puerto Rico Greatly Reduces Restrictions for Vaccinated Travelers

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It’s now much easier for fully vaccinated travelers to visit Puerto Rico.

Puerto Rico, a sun-soaked territory of the United States, previously required all visitors to undergo COVID-19 PCR test upon arrival. On Friday, however, officials from Discover Puerto Rico announced the conclusion of that measure.

It was also revealed that Puerto Rico will also increase the allowed capacity for businesses from 30 to 50 percent, eliminate mask mandates for fully vaccinated people using public spaces like parks and beaches, and lastly, remove the ban on consuming alcoholic beverages in pools and at beaches. Bottoms up!


“Puerto Rico has prioritized health and safety from the onset of the pandemic, becoming the first U.S. destination to implement an Island-wide curfew, among other measures developed to safeguard residents and visitors,” said Brad Dean, the CEO of Discover Puerto Rico (via TravelPulse.com).

“As restrictions loosen, we look forward to welcoming travelers seeking to responsibly explore our island, immerse themselves in unforgettable culture, unique natural wonders and delicious cuisine, while taking advantage of the ease of travel that comes with Puerto Rico being a U.S. territory,” said Dean.

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