Seoul’s Hottest Korean Barbecue Restaurant Has Landed in Los Angeles

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Daedo Sikdang might just be the hottest barbecue restaurant in all of Seoul, South Korea. Considering Seoul is absolutely full of mouth-watering barbecue joints, that’s saying something.

While a craving for Daedo barbecue could previously only be satisfied by jumping on a plane to Seoul, that’s no longer the case. The chain, which was founded way back in 1964 in the city’s meat-packing district, opened its first U.S. location on July 8—and as luck would have it, it’s right in the heart of Los Angeles’ Koreatown.

For those unaware, Daedo set itself apart from the crowd by limiting its menu to only the finest cuts of meat—much like a gourmet American steakhouse might. In South Korea, that meant grilling up hanu beef—one of the country’s most prized ingredients—which has some similarity to Japense beef. In Los Angeles, far outside the typical export area for hanu beef, Daedo will be serving prime grade beef, wet-aged on-site.

While it’s beef that put Daedo on the map, that’s certainly not all it has to offer. Its menu also includes sausages, plenty of kimchi, some delectable looking desert options, and lots more.


Daedo doesn’t currently take reservations, meaning it’s only possible to get a table via walk-in. Given the buzz the LA location has received since it opened its doors earlier this month, tables might be a bit of a hot commodity for a while, but if you’re lucky, you’ll be sitting in front of a grill of sizzling beef before you know it—and washing it down with some high-quality soju.


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