Steel Yourself For 5 Of The Longest Pedestrian Suspension Bridges In The World

From the Czech Republic to Switzerland, here’s where to take a walk at great heights


Spectacular views and dizzying heights — there’s nothing better than a good walk across a suspension bridge. Countries such as the Czech Republic and Portugal have brought suspension bridges to new heights and lengths, giving those brave enough to trek across them an exhilarating experience. If you’re feeling adventurous, check out this list of 5 of the longest suspension bridges worldwide. 

  1. Skybridge 721, the Czech Republic – 2365 feet

Between the ridges of the Czech Republic’s Jeseniky Mountains stands the world’s longest pedestrian suspension bridge, named the Skybridge 721. The bridge stretches for 2365 feet (721 meters) and overlooks a valley and river below. It takes approximately an hour and a half to cross the bridge, which opened May 2022— not to mention the trek up to the bridge! Pedestrians can take a chairlift or choose to walk or bike the 2.5-mile path. 

  1. Gandaki Golden Bridge, Nepal – 1860 feet

The Gandaki Golden Bridge floats high above the Kaligandaki river at a height of 400 feet. If you think’s that impressive, the length is even more so— the bridge spans 1860 feet! While it was completed in July 2020, it was not open to visitors until some months later due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, visitors to Nepal can enjoy a spectacular stroll between the Kusma municipality and the Baglung District.

  1. Arouca Bridge, Portugal – 1693 feet

Spanning 1693 feet (516 meters), Portugal’s Arouca Bridge is for adventurers and nature-lovers alike. The bridge gives an impressive view of the river canyon below and you must have a trained guide in order to cross. Having opened in May 2021, it previously held the title of the longest pedestrian suspension bridge in the world. 

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  1. Charles Kuonen Suspension Bridge, Switzerland – 1621 feet

This stunning bridge is located in the Swiss Alps, serving as a thrilling alternative to the two-day hike between Grächen and Zermatt. It is 1621 feet (494 meters) long and appears to be a beautiful stroll, but don’t look down! The grate walkway has gaps in it, and you can see the ground 279 feet (85 meters) below. 

  1. Sochi Skybridge, Russia – 1440 feet

The Sochi Skybridge isn’t just a footbridge— it’s also part of a massive Skypark that includes a rope park, zipline, and multiple bungee jumps. For people feeling moderately adventurous, the 1440 foot (438 metres) bridge is a curving, stair-filled walk over 1000 feet (330 meters) above ground level. If you’re strolling along and you feel courageous, you can walk to either of the two bungee jump stations— one is at an end of the Skybridge, and the other is in the middle! 

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