The 4 Most Unique Restaurants in Phoenix


Whether you’re in the mood for quaint or classy, eating out should feel like an adventure. These four Phoenix restaurants have the right idea, serving up a hefty dose of personality alongside their fantastic food.

1. Rustler’s Rooste

Spectacular golf course views and a running Western theme await you at Rustler’s Rooste. But the kicker? Check the “Beginnin’s” section of the menu and you’ll see “Authentic Rattlesnake” on offer, along with a warning to the overconfident: “It ain’t for everyone… if you try it, you buy it”. If you manage to make a good dent in your snake meat, pick up an “I Ate the Rattlesnake” t-shirt for $15 to show your friends.

2. Organ Stop Pizza

Pizzerias are everywhere, but how many house record-breaking musical instruments? Organ Stop Pizza is home to the world’s largest theater organ. The Wurlizer organ, originally built for the Denver Theater and installed in 1927, was used regularly until a fire caused extensive damage to its relay. Now, you can enjoy the unique sounds of the fully rebuilt organ while you bite into your pizza.

3. Hanny’s

Hanny’s, located in a former department store, serves fantastic craft cocktails. But it’s famous for its mysterious curios, many of which have uncertain origins. This restaurant invites you to explore its glass elevator shaft and secret basement where old dolls and figurines sit gathered around a table. The washrooms are also trippy. You’ll have to visit to see for yourself.

4. Quiessence at the Farm

 Looking for a rustic, romantic meal? Quiessence at the Farm bills itself as “Arizona’s original farm-to-table restaurant”. Set at a historic home, you’ll feel as though you’re dining in someone’s (very fancy) backyard. Multi-course meals are crafted from the farm’s own seasonal produce, often harvested the same day it’s served. Be sure to stroll the garden pathways and see your soon-to-be dinner ingredients growing before your eyes.

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