The Best Deep Sea Fishing Trips Out of Miami

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There is an abundance of activities to do while in Miami. You can go snorkelling in the clear waters, swimming in the white-sand beaches, shopping in the Design District, clubbing or fishing.

Miami is actually known for its deep sea fishing. Being close to the warm Gulf Stream, anything from Billfish and other trophy-sized pelagics to bottom dwellers is fair game. So, no matter what type of species you’re looking to catch or what your level of expertise is, Miami is bound to have something in store for you.

Keep reading for more information on the best deep-sea fishing trips out of Miami.


Peacock Bass Fishing Trips Near Miami, Florida

Peacock bass is a prevalent freshwater game fish that is generally light to dark yellow in body color with a bright orange color on their fins.

If you’d like to catch some peacock bass, the Peacock Bass Fishing Trip operated by Bass Online Fishing Trips would be perfect for you!

Board a modern boat driven by a licensed captain and use the included equipment (fishing rods and more) to try and catch colorful peacock bass. The captain even provides casting lessons for beginners and advanced techniques for the experts.

This trip is four hours long and costs $539.74 per group (maximum of four people). The meeting location is at Miami City Park.

Mark the Shark Deep Sea Fishing Charters and Tours

Want to go deep sea fishing with a true expert? Here’s your chance! “Mark the Shark” is a record holder for big game catches. He’ll take you on a half or full day tour on the Florida coast.

With his expert knowledge, he knows just where to go to so that you can catch reel grouper, sailfish, barracuda, tiger sharks, and other large species.

The special thing about this trip is that there’s no need to bring a camera, as you’ll get a framed photo and underwater footage of your catches.

The cost starts at $899 per group (up to six people).

Reward Fishing Fleet Half Day Deep Sea Fishing Tour

Even if you’re a beginner, Reward Fishing Fleet’s Half Day Deep Sea Fishing Tour is a good option for you to explore deep-sea fishing. The tour takes you out into the Atlantic Ocean on a scenic boat journey.

You’ll first listen to a tutorial on how to use the fishing equipment and then you can get your hands dirty. Some fish you can expect to catch include: kingfish, grouper, and snapper. You can choose between a day trip that includes drift fishing or a night tour that includes anchoring and bottom fishing.

Meet your guide Pier 5 at the north end of the Bayside Marina. The trip starts at $77 per person.

Jumanji Attractions Fishing Charter

Like the other tours, Jumanji Attractions Fishing Charter is also led by an expert. They’ll take you out into the Atlantic Gulf Stream where you can catch a variety of fish, including Mahi-Mahi, Wahoo, Kingfish, Tuna, Sailfish and Swordfish. They’ll even help you clean and package the fish you catch.

There are options for four, six or eight hour charters. The tours are also offered in four languages. The captain meets you at 401 Biscayne Blvd, Miami, FL 33132 and the tour starts at $1166 per group (up to six people).

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