“The Oasis” is the New Miami Attraction You Don’t Want to Miss

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There’s a new attraction coming to Miami next month, and it sounds like one visitors and locals alike will want to check out.

“The Oasis,” a 35,000-square foot outdoor entertainment space, will set up shop on North Miami Ave, in the city’s Wynwood neighborhood, on May 8.

The space, which will be open from 11am to midnight each day, will feature six unique dining destinations—each operating from a fully-outfitted shipping container—as well as Huacachina, a swanky cocktail lounge and nightclub with indoor and outdoor areas. It will also be the home of a café, retail shops, a fitness studio, and Spotify’s new Miami headquarters.

However, The Oasis’ main claim to fame will be a “Tower Bar”—also constructed from repurposed shipping containers—and adorned with a beautiful mural by Spanish artist Antonyo Marest.

“First, you walk through retail components — we have a beautiful restaurant and coffee shop from New York, we have a yoga studio, and we have a clothing retailer that we’re about to lock in at the end of that walkthrough,” The Oasis co-creator Sven Vogtland told Local10. “Then, you walk into the large courtyard, and you see a large tower bar. Then, you see the six food stalls, and a big stage for live shows, concerts, and events. So, essentially, you’re eating, hanging around, and having a great time.”


“The Tower Bar is this large tower that we wanted to put there as a beacon of Wynwood,” Vogtland added. “So, when you land at Miami International Airport, or when you’re in any of the buildings or towers around, you’ll see this large container tower as kind of a landmark in the neighborhood.”

This innovative space will host a range of interesting events, including regular performances from popular musicians, retail pop-ups, and lots more.

“We set out to truly create an ‘oasis’ in the middle of the hustle and bustle of Miami,” Erik Rutter and David Weitz, the developers of the venue, said in a statement (via TravelPulse.com). “We believe that the Oasis is going to be the new cultural epicenter of not only Wynwood, but also Miami and South Florida. The Oasis will be at the forefront of music with classical concerts, legendary acts, and new talent; offer cutting-edge food and beverage concepts with carefully curated dining options and weekend festivals; and spearhead community engagement with a focus on neighborhood driven events and cultural experiences, including rotating art installations, plays, comedy and stand-up acts, poetry events, and political events.”

The Oasis will follow the latest protocols to ensure the safety of staff and guests alike. In fact, the space will be patrolled by a safety officer who will enforce mask-use and social distancing.


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