The Top U.S. Cities for Cannabis-Friendly Travel

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Marijuana is now legal in many parts of the U.S. for both medical and recreational use.

Although cannabis tourism is still in its infancy in the United States, many cities have established themselves as prime destinations for cannabis lovers. These locations offer more than just cannabis products but also provide access to cannabis-friendly hotels, resorts, tours, shops, events, and restaurants.

If you are looking for inspiration for your next cannabis vacation or road trip, consider these cities.


Los Angeles, California

Even though California is not the first state to legalize cannabis, this city of Los Angeles is a cannabis paradise and trailblazer in cannabis tourism. Despite having well-curated dispensaries and an already rich 420-friendly scene, L.A. offers more than that.

Check out Wisdome’s immersive art park, sushi conveyor belts, Korean day spas, and beach boardwalks, among other unique attractions. Use cannabis at the Original Cannabis Cafe which opened in West Hollywood in 2019, where pre-rolls and blunts are available from top brands like Henry’s Original and Caliva. Also, you can enjoy cannabis-focused shows from Hazy and Grassfed.

Portland, Oregon

Oregon is a cannabis-friendly state—it was actually the first state to decriminalize small amouunts of cannabis through a law passed in 1973—so it’s no wonder that Portland has managed to top the list of cities best for cannabis-friendly travels.

The city is full of cannabis-friendly businesses. One of those businesses is the Jupiter Hotel, which sells special 420 packages for guests. You will get an edible kit, a vape pen, a t-shirt, and coupons for nearby dispensaries. All you have to do is buy some cannabis. The hotel is also in walking distance of some great bars and restaurants.

Denver, Colorado

The fast-rising cannabis hospitality sector in Denver makes it a premier destination for cannabis-loving travelers.
For instance, 420 Tours provides many cannabis-related experiences in Denver, such as Sushi & Joint Rolling classes. Here, you’ll learn how to hand-roll a high-quality joint packed with the herb of your choice.

Once you’ve nailed your joint, you’ll head outside to take a puff before heading back into class to learn the art of rolling sushi. So your inevitable munchies will be taken care of too! Bon appetit!

Anchorage, Alaska

Anchorage is an ideal all-season vacation spot if you are unfazed by subarctic winter temperatures and a complete lack of sun. But you may want to plan your vacation in the warmer months to experience the area’s natural splendor.

Anchorage has a mature cannabis market with a wide range of high-end and low-cost options across all consumption types that are legal and readily available.

As a weed-friendly city, Anchorage offers dispensaries all over the city, weed-friendly lodging, and weed-friendly activities.
Pro tip: Try the mac n’ cheese pizza with reindeer sausage and the shrimp fiesta pizza, both made by the local establishment Moose’s Tooth Pub & Pizzeria.

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