The Ultimate Rating Of Major Floridian Cities

Stuck between Miami and Orlando, or debating whether Tampa or Fort Lauderdale is best? Here’s how to decide


When you think Florida, you probably think blue skies, warm sand, and Disney World. But Florida isn’t a monolith— it’s a diverse collection of relaxing beaches, theme parks, and cities rife with culture. If you’re debating a trip to the Sunshine State but you’re not sure where suits your needs, keep reading for reviews and ratings of Florida’s four major cities. They’ll be rated in four categories: nightlife, family fun, rest and relaxation, and arts and culture. 


Orlando is one of the most visited cities in the world, and it’s for good reason. Not only is it home to Disney World and the Universal Orlando Resort, but it also has some stunning attractions beyond theme parks. For example, the 400 ft tall Ferris wheel at Icon Park that overlooks an aquarium, wax museum, and multiple dinner-entertainment restaurants. Or, if that isn’t your vibe, there’s also the Orlando Museum of Art and a diverse range of riveting nightlife. 

Nightlife: 9/10

Family fun: 10/10

Rest and relaxation: 8/10

Arts and culture: 7/10

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If you’ve ever been to Miami, you know it’s known for the beautiful beaches and the glamorous vibe. The area offers more than 16 sandy beaches— some dog-friendly, some with children’s play areas, and all absolutely gorgeous. The white sand and clear skies are only a fraction of Miami’s scenic views, as the city has a stunning skyline visible from parks and penthouses. And don’t forget the nightlife! Miami is known for its diverse range of clubs and bars, from glitzy and glamorous VIP lounges to vibrant bars with live Latin music. 

Nightlife: 10/10

Family fun: 8/10

Rest and relaxation: 9/10

Arts and culture: 8/10

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Tampa is a stunningly unique city with year-round sunshine and a collection of beaches along the bay. When the sun goes down, however, the city wakes up. Tampa offers thrilling nightclubs and laid-back bars to watch the big game at, all centered around the historic district of Ybor City. Beyond that, it boasts multiple performing arts venues and dozens of museums covering vast ranges of topics from science to art. It also has the state-of-the-art Glazer Children’s Museum! Tampa’s biggest draw is the iconic Busch Gardens— an African-inspired theme park with rides, attractions, and animal habitats with over 200 species within. 

Nightlife: 8/10

Family fun: 9/10

Rest and relaxation: 8/10

Arts and culture: 10/10

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Fort Lauderdale

Known as the “Venice of America’, Fort Lauderdale’s biggest claim to fame is its incredible canal system. From the gorgeous gondola rides to the oceanside strip lined with fancy restaurants and high-class hotels, everything to do with the stunning city is either on (or in) the water. There are seven miles of sandy beaches in the city, with 23 more miles worth just outside the official city limits, giving you ample space and sunlight to relax to your heart’s content. The city also has a stunning Arts & Entertainment district, rife with live jazz music and a booming performing arts center. 

Nightlife: 7/10

Family fun: 8/10

Rest and relaxation: 10/10

Arts and culture: 9/10

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