The World’s Largest Holiday Theme Park Reopens in Miami


Looking for something fun to do in Miami this holiday season? Santa’s Enchanted Forest, a local favourite for almost 40 years, bills itself as “the world’s largest holiday theme park”. With more than 100 rides, a carnival, acrobatic shows and a million guests each year, who could argue?

This year, the park has reopened at a new location at Hialeah Park. You’ll be greeted by the iconic entrance gate, giant flashing Christmas tree, and trail of lighted Florida pine trees.

If you’re a photo lover or avid Instagram user, you’ll love the park’s returning dioramas: Surfing Santa, Santa and the Grinch on jet skis, the elf gym, Santa in outer space and Santa on the beach. 

The park is sure to put you in the holiday spirit, with holiday music blasting from its speakers. And don’t forget the food! That is the main reason most people visit theme parks, isn’t it? The park offers churros, deep-fried tacos, burgers stuffed with mac and cheese, and so much more. You can make it your new year’s resolution to eat healthily, but for now, indulge as much as you want! 

Just be sure to time your indulgences right. You don’t want to hit up the rides right after eating! We suggest going on the Ferris wheel at some point during the night. That way, you can see all the lights in the park. It’s definitely a view you won’t want to miss. 

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