The World’s Largest Tree House Resort is Opening Next to this National Park


As kids we all fantasized about living in a tree house. We wanted a space to ourselves. Somewhere that offered a killer view. Well, that fantasy is finally going to be a reality. This summer, Sanctuary Treehouse Resort will open to the public. 

Located on 40 acres of property in East Tennessee, the accommodation will be the largest tree house resort in the world, offering rooms suspended among tree branches, overlooking Great Smoky Mountains National Park. The resort, which is situated on two golf courses, will be accessible by golf cart only.

This summer, the resort plans to open six to 10 tree houses. This number is expected to triple by the end of 2023 as the resort adds 20 to 25 new tree houses each year. The end goal is to have 130 in total.

The resort will offer three types of accommodations: the Tree Fort, Tree Fort Double, and The Luxe. The Tree Fort can accommodate two to six guests and includes a spiral slide, a custom drink shoot that allows you to send bottles and cans from the kitchen to the lower porch, a telescope, a bucket pulley, swings, a secret ladder, an escape hatch, rope climbs, and a wood burning fireplace.

The Tree Fort Double includes the same amenities, but also has a drawbridge that links two tree houses together. The Luxe provides a retreat designed for couples with upscale fixtures and decor, including a copper clawfoot tub, a bidet, a  heated toilet seat, an outdoor hot tub on the lower porch, a suspended outdoor daybed, and a custom tiled shower.

Over time, the resort plans to include community hiking trails, a lit enchanted forest for events and gatherings, and a community area for live entertainment.

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