This Italian Chef Serves Lasagna from a Squeeze Tube, and People Love It


Lasagna in a toothpaste tube? The city of Rome hasn’t been this shaken up since the invention of the public toilet in 312 B.C. Okay, so maybe the toilet was a little more revolutionary, but it’s pretty fun to see the traditional Italian dish squeezed out of a tube.

The inventor is Valerio Braschi, head chef at Ristorante 1978 in Rome’s Trieste Salario district. The young chef has managed to stuff a creamy mixture of beef ragout, béchamel, nutmeg, and lasagna distillate into a toothpaste tube that’s squeezed over oven-baked egg pasta.

Why has chef Braschi created this new concoction you ask? “I want my clients to be flabbergasted at the sight of my dishes, and then realize once they’ve had the first bite—’oh, yes’—that they recognize that flavor as lasagna because their granny made it each weekend,” he told CNN.

Braschi went on to say that he made the connection between lasagna and toothpaste because he used to love to eat cold leftovers for breakfast, including his grandmother’s lasagna.

Other unique culinary creations by Braschi include a tea with liquified beef, a lasagna lollipop, and a dessert egg filled with sesame and apricot.

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