This LA Shop Has You Covered for Time Travel Supplies

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Planning a vacation to the Cretaceous period? Or maybe a quick trip to the year 2100 for a look at the dystopian future that surely awaits us? Well, you’re going to need some supplies. Rather than ordering those supplies on the Internet like Kip from Napoleon Dynamite, you can buy them in-person at The Echo Park Time Travel Mart in sunny Los Angeles, California.

This dimension-bending shop can be found at 1714 W Sunset Blvd in LA’s Echo Park neighborhood. It’s the creation of an organization called 826, which is also responsible for the famous Superhero Supply store in Brooklyn, New York City and the Pirate Supply Company in San Francisco.

So what will you find inside this shop, once you wander past the front-window display that shows a caveman shaking hands with a robot? All kinds of stuff. From the ephemera of generations past, to futuristic gizmos and gadgets, to time travel sickness pills, and a novelty “pastports” issued by the Intertemporal Travel Commission—ostensibly the authority on zipping between past, present and future.

Many of the items available at this quirky, Los Angeles shop are also available for purchase online. Stocking up on intertemporal travel supplies is reason enough to peruse its wares, but it’s also important to note that shop supports a good cause.


The Echo Park Time Travel Mart doubles as a literacy tutoring center, offering lessons in creative and expository writing to up to 30 students per day and, in some cases, publishing their work in house. All of the profits from the store go toward this worthy cause, and the items on the shelves, as you probably imagined, provide plenty of inspiration. It’s completely possible that the shop will produce the next H.G. Well, Audrey Niffenegger or Diana Gabaldon. Who would have thought that you could support that kind of burgeoning talent by purchasing some Barbarian Repellant or a copy of Self Defense for Time Travelers?

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