This Superyacht Can Both Fly and Sail


Isn’t it so annoying when your superyacht’s only able to putter around on the water? Why can’t it fly, too? This probably isn’t a problem many of us have encountered, but Lazzarini Design Studio is looking to solve it.

The Italian company has produced a number of unique prototypes over the years from Star-Trek-looking yachts to water-bound homes, but their latest might be the most ambitious. Lazzarini just released a new concept called the Air Yacht, which will be able to both sail on the ocean and fly in the sky.

According to the design team, the yacht will be constructed out of lightweight carbon fiber and feature two blimps filled with compressed helium, plus eight counter-rotating motors powered by ultralight batteries and solar panels. This will allow the yacht to soar through the sky at 60 knots (approximately 70 miles per hour) for a max of 48 hours, before needing to land. The design team also said that the yacht will be emission free.

To land on the water, the yacht’s “inflatable basements” will fill up with air, allowing it to float. The helium will also be depressurized through a ballast anchor system, and the rotation of the engines will push the yacht down so that it stays on the water. The yacht is much slower at sea, reaching five knots (approximately six miles per hour).

Inside, the yacht will house 10 passenger suites, a living room, dining area, and swimming pool. The main hull will measure 262 feet long.

Lazzarini is looking to sell to a private owner, rather than opening it up to the public. The price tag for the project currently sits at $621 million.

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