Travel From Shanghai to New York in Two Hours With This New Aircraft


On a good day, the quickest flight from Shanghai to New York takes around 15 hours. Space Transportation (or Lingkong Tianxing) plans to cut that flight time down to two hours. The Beijing-based company just released an animated video of a passenger vehicle that can travel one mile per second—the average passenger aircraft covers a mile in approximately seven to eight seconds.

The video shows passengers boarding a 12-seater aircraft with two booster rockets. Similar to a NASA spaceship, the aircraft takes off vertically, heading straight up into the atmosphere. Once the aircraft reaches a suborbital range, it detaches from its two booster rockets and starts flying along the edge of space at approximately 4,350 miles per hour. When the aircraft reaches its destination, it lands vertically, using a type of tripod landing gear.

Space Transportation’s website states that its first space tourism test flight will occur in 2025, with full-scale global flights happening by 2030. 

The initiative is China’s attempt to stake a claim in the space tourism market as both U.S. and Russian companies launch their own aircrafts. In fact, Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic will start offering 90-minute commercial space flights later this year—keep in mind a ride costs $450,000.
According to a study by Emergen Research, the space tourism market is expected to grow by 16.8% each year, reaching an estimated evaluation of $1.44 billion by 2028.

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