TSA Records Pandemic-Era Record for Air Travel

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The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) recently screened two million passengers in a single day. It’s the first time that’s happened since March, 2020, before the pandemic took hold.

That milestone, which has been forecasted for some time as travel has been ramping back up, was hit on Friday, June 11. The official number of travelers screened was The 2,028,961—a whopping 1.5 million more than June 11 of 2020.

“The growing number of travelers demonstrates this country’s resilience and the high level of confidence in Covid-19 countermeasures, to include ready access to vaccines,” Darby LaJoye, the acting head of the TSA, said in a statement to Travel Pulse.

While this is a promising sign for the travel industry and travelers themselves, there’s still plenty of room to grow. The 2,028,961 figure recorded on June 11 is still 26 percent less than the 2,727,860 who flew on the same date in 2019, long before the pandemic began.


That being said, all the signs continue to point to an imminent travel boom, as travel restrictions rapidly loosen and travelers look to make up for lost time.

“Due to spending the vast majority of their time being confined to their homes in the past year, the urge to travel would have built up,” Ralph Hollister, a Travel and Tourism Analyst at GlobalData, told Travel Pulse recently.

“This urge, combined with a significant increase in savings, could mean that many of these travelers will have developed a ‘treat yourself’ mentality, to combat the impact of the pandemic which has increased boredom and frustration for many. This mentality could be present as these consumers start planning their next holiday, which could result in them spending more on room upgrades, business class flights and higher quality rental vehicles.”

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