Why Your Trip to Miami Should Include a Stroll Through Little Havana


If you’re looking for a hit of culture in Miami, look no further than Little Havana. In this vibrant neighborhood centered around Calle Ocho (Southwest Eighth Street), you’ll find everything you need to stay entertained, from food to arts.

One of the best ways to absorb a culture is through its food. In Little Havana, you can try out one of many Cuban restaurants. But, whichever you choose, you won’t want to miss out on tasting the iconic Cuban staples. We’re talking about that strong Cuban coffee and Cuban sandwich made with roast pork, ham, Swiss cheese, pickles and mustard. Of course, we’d also recommend trying the treats that Little Havana has to offer—empanadas, guava and cheese pastelito, and a scoop or two of ice cream from Azucar, a favorite local creamery.

Once your stomach is satisfied, it’s time to give your eyes a feast. Little Havana is rich in the arts. Some of the local galleries and studios include Futurama 1637 Art Building and Molina Fine Art Gallery. Even on the streets, there are beautiful murals. Near Domino Park, take a moment to enjoy the mosaic tiles showcasing beloved Cuban products—cigars, tropical fruit and musical instruments. You’ll also find murals of Cuban icons, including poet Jose Marti and singer Celia Cruz.

As for music, one of the best venues is CubaOcho Museum and Performing Arts Centre. The neighborhood also hosts the Calle Ocho Music Festival every March. At this festival, you can expect big-name entertainers. We recommend heading to Little Havana the next time you’re in Miami to soak up all its culture. You won’t be disappointed!

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