You Can Take a Schitt’s Creek-Themed Cruise to the Bahamas


Ready to get a little bit Alexis? Flip Phone Events is launching a Schitt’s-Creek-themed cruise on the newly refurbished Celebrity Summit—don’t worry, it doesn’t take you through the actual town. The cruise, which is titled Moira’s Party Boat: Ew, Cruising, will run from March 30 to April 3, 2023, launching from Miami and stopping in Key West, Florida and Nassau, Bahamas.

The four-night cruise will feature a number of events inspired by the Emmy-winning sitcom, including A Little Bit of Rosé Pool Party, Alexis’s Bar Crawl, Jocelyn’s Bingo, a dress-up event called Night of 1,000 Moiras, and lots of chances to test your Rose family trivia.

“We have been floored by all the amazing people we have met since we [became] fans of this iconic show,” Flip Phone Events said on the cruise’s website. “Now it is the time to meet and celebrate with others. You’ll leave the cruise with many new friends that share the love of the same television program.”

The cruise’s rates start at $999, which includes a classic drink package, surf Wi-Fi, and pre-paid gratuities. These perks are available to two guests sharing a cabin. If there’s a third guest, they will only be eligible for the pre-paid gratuities.

If you decide to pay for a suite, it includes a premium alcohol package, Wi-Fi access, pre-paid gratuities, and $100 in onboard credit per person. Excursions in Key West and Nassau are available at an additional cost.

And don’t expect to see Schitt’s Creek cast members Eugene Levy, Dan Levy, Annie Murphy, or Catherine O’Hara onboard. This is a fan-run experience, but one that would make the Rose family very proud. 

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