Your Essential Guide to Singapore’s Street Food Scene

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Singapore has made its way onto the hit list of places to travel to in Asia, and for good reason. Every street corner, riddled with Hawker stalls and cheap eats, promises to get your taste buds tingling with something weird and wonderful to gorge on in a relaxed and vibrant setting.

In these essential spots, you can surround yourself with benches packed with people, the clicking of chopsticks, and unashamed slurping—all signs of a delicious meal.

Smith street

Blended in amongst streets teemed with market stalls, you’ll find a street bursting with flavours, spice and quite the overall cultural experience. From quick stop noodle bars to sit down meal deals, Smith Street has something to suit everyone. And your sweet tooth won’t be left behind either, with bakeries just a few paces away from steaming hot Laksa, where eggs tarts or pastries can seal the meal.

Clementi Avenue

Singapore’s take on cake is an experience in itself and simply can’t be missed. Misleadingly named “cake,” this is an omelette-style dish, made from either black or white carrot depending on whether it’s sweet or savoury. You’ll find a little stall simply named “Fried Carrot Cake” along Clementi Avenue, along with several other stalls brimming with equally delicious meals to fuel your exploring. What’s more, you can sample it all amongst the locals in a casual setting. One to write home about, for sure.

328 Katong Laksa

Laksa is a dish primarily associated with Singapore and so it’s no surprise that a stall dedicated to it has been franchised across the island. Get your fix of rice noodles in a fragrant, curried coconut sauce with an ensemble of fish at 328 Katong Laksa — it’s even been awarded a Michelin star.

Maxwell food centre

Maxwell food centre is home to an array of stalls that offer foods inspired by countries from all over the world. You can either take your pick, or not decide at all in this buffet-style centre. A common favourite is fish head curry— it’s famous for a reason and is promised to be one of the best things you’ll ever try. Seeing as Singapore is littered with food centres similar to this one, you can feel free to explore at your leisure and never run out of delicious stops to stumble upon.

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